Things To Know

Where Do I Begin?

A lot of brides feel very overwhelmed in the beginning and just ask the simple question, "where do I begin". So aside from choosing a date, you need to decide what location and what resort you plan to have your destination wedding.

Here are some questions to help you on your quest:

  • Do you want a morning, afternoon or twilight wedding/sunset wedding?
  • Do you plan on having children at the wedding?
  • Do you want a beach wedding or a wedding in the gardens?
  • Do you want a religious wedding?
  • Do you want to have a group excursion for your wedding?
  • Do you need a destination that does not require passports?
  • Do you want to write your own vows?
  • Do you want something low key and / or exotic and / or convenient for all?
  • Do you want a Destination Wedding Checklist?
  • How important is photography?
  • Will you be sending a Save The Date?
  • Do you want to send out an E-Wedding Announcement?
  • Do you want to lock in the rates for all of your guests?

Above are some of the very basic questions (there are many others) to start off with even if you have chosen an island and / or a resort. Once you do have it narrowed down, you may ask yourself what is the next step. Sign up for our program and you will receive your very own Destination Wedding Step By Step Guide, Timeline and Checklist. We will also include all of the additional questions one might think of in trying to determine a destination wedding location.

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Can I Do This on My Own or Do I need A Destination Wedding Specialist?

It really depends upon your needs as everyone is different. You can work with us either way but in any event you will need to have the basic tools at your disposal to avoid challenges you might run into along the way. Below are a few examples of ordinary circumstances that come up quite often. Read them and see what you would do in each case.

Example #1

It is 2 months prior to travel and you receive a call from one of your wedding guests who just called the resort to book but found out the resort is completely sold out. What do you tell your wedding guest?

Example #2

One of your wedding guests has to change who they are going with so he calls the resort only to find out he has to pay $1000 to do so. He calls you and asks for your help. What do you tell him?

Example #3

One of your wedding guests booked but found out a week before travel that they booked the wrong resort. The names sounded very similar so an understandable mistake but now they cannot get their money back from the resort they booked. They call you for help. What do you tell them?

Example #4

The incentive to receive your group amenities is 10 rooms and you have exactly 10 rooms so time to celebrate! BUT you find out 30 days beforehand that one of the rooms did not have the group code; that wedding guest says he gave the group code upon making his reservation. The resort rules stated 10 rooms at 60 days otherwise you forego the incentives. At this point you have already told the rest of the guests about the rehearsal dinner and other included amenities that will now cost a lot of extra money since it is no longer included. What do you do?

Example #5

You are ready to send out the Invitations. So now the question will you handle everything or direct them right to the resort? If the resort, how will you keep track of who truly confirms? If yourself, will you be on alert for any change in travel industry laws concerning government regulations,air, travel insurance any changes at the resort?

Example #6

Some of your guests booked through a source that doesn't count toward your room total. But you had no clue and it results in losing amenities not just for the two of you but for the entire group. There really is no way to rectify this if you didn't know beforehand. It's best to have everyone book through one source to avoid problems. As far as price matching, most tour operators will do so (even though your guest may not be aware at the time he or she made her booking). It keeps everyone and everything in one place, so you can always access a group report to see the status at anytime.

The above examples are REAL scenarios that have and DO HAPPEN (some quite often). Why wait until it is too late? There are ways to handle all the problems stated above as well as those not shown so that none of these scenarios come to life. We offer various options for the both of you as well as your guests including the provision of allowing your guests to book online or over the phone and yes, with a payment plan.

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