For The Bride and Groom

All of the resorts that we work with will have special incentives for the bride and groom. They are usually earned at certain levels. For instance, booking 5 rooms at a resort might earn you a room upgrade for you and your sweetie. With some resorts, if enough rooms are booked you may even earn a free room! Usually the resorts offer these incentives as a way of saying Thanks. They will usually have guidelines and a timeline for these incentives so it's VERY important to carefully read and follow so you receive all benefits due from the resort. Our complimentary programs can help you in do just that!!

Extra Help For the Bride and Groom

In Addition to Any Benefits You Receive By Resort
My Honeymoon and Wedding Specialist Offers the following

  • A Free Wedding Website
  • Complimentary Announcements Sent To Your Guests
  • A Payment Plan for the Rooms for You and your Guests
  • Special Group Discount and /or Group Amenities
  • No Booking Fees
  • Price Match Protection for your Group
  • Option For Guests to Book Online or Call
  • Specials Request with Group Location for Rooms
  • Complimentary Honeymoon / Bridal Registry
  • Complimentary Design Service for Save The Date Cards
  • Complimentary RSVP Card for the Wedding Invitation
  • Knowledge and Expertise in the Travel Industry
  • Knowledge and Expertise in Destination Weddings
  • Help Arrange Special Events for your guests
  • Packing List and Tips for your Guests
  • Destination Wedding Timeline
  • Destination Wedding Checklist
  • Offering the BEST in DW Photography

    • Extra Help Explained

      Most of the items above are self explanatory but we have visual examples to
      show you for many (just click on the links in gray). The very first one takes you to
      a sign up page for the Join Our Wedding Website.

      A Free Wedding Website
      Complimentary Email Sent To Your Guests
      Complimentary Honeymoon / Bridal Registry
      Complimentary Design Service for Save The Date Cards

      Two items that need a bit of elaboration would be Knowledge and Expertise in
      the Travel Industry and Destination Weddings. While all the tools like the
      e-wedding announcement or the RSVP card can be a tremendous help,
      there are still so many areas that will require attention that you will find our
      helping hand along the way to be an even greater help. We'll break it down
      by category to make it easy.


      The Airlines

      The airlines have rules and regulations that are forever changing and we are always up to date on the changes and what is required. Maybe it's on passports, maybe luggage fees, maybe how a government shutdown can affect you and your travel. It is always better to be in the know and save yourself a lot grief. Airlines continue to change and mix things up a bit. We can even help you with a bit of technology too. Did you know there is a website that will tell you all about the seats before you select yours. You don't want to end up with a seat that doesn't lean back or has no tray table!

      island by day

      The Islands

      As for the islands, we have seen them add departure tax and entry fees. Wouldn't it be nice to know if you need to have extra cash on hand to enter or leave the island. It's also important for your guests to know about these things as well. And what about the time involved from the airport to the resort. What if your guests opt to stay at a different resort. They will need to know approximately how far their resort is from yours. Even our general knowledge about the island itself will be a great help especially if wanting to include an excursion for your group!

      tropical island night time

      The Resorts

      The resorts as well are constantly changing their policies and promotions. And wouldn't it be nice to know everything you need to before you arrive, not just in terms of what they offer but also what they require (i.e. credit card upon check in). Maybe you want a special location on property or need special assistance (i.e. dietary needs). Who better to request that than us as we have wonderful relations with the resorts and property managers around the world.

      wedding day design

      The Group Booking

      Keeping track as to who booked and who still needs to can be a job in and of itself!. The good thing is if you use our services, we'll know instantly and inform you as well. We'll also monitor the rooms so if we start to see the resort to sell out, we can send reminders to those that haven't booked just yet. On the other hand, if you leave it up to the guest, then he or she has to inform you. The funny thing here is that there are some guests that will tell you that they booked when they really haven't . They do this because they don't want to disappoint you. We actually have received phone calls on many occasions from our past couples as they were very surprised to learn a friend of theirs who told them they booked really hadn't. This becomes important when you need an exact count for your wedding and reception. The other frustrating thing you may find (not working with a Destination Wedding Specialist) is just trying to figure out how many have actually booked! If a guest doesn't tell you they've booked (and this will happen too), you just won't know. If you call the resort direct, due to privacy issues, they will not discuss their reservation with you.

      champagne vector design

      Group Amenities

      But even more than this, we actually help protect the benefits you are supposed to receive from your group booking. Many times, unbeknownst to you, things fall through the cracks and you end up losing your amenities. Maybe a guest forgot to put in a group code, or maybe the rep from the resort forgot to put it in.

      We have seen this happen many times! Maybe your guest books past the deadline of amenity inclusions. We have seen this also! There will be some guests that wait until close to departure date to book or else they want to book outside the group because they got a better deal from another website and this can put your group amenities at risk. We price match so we make sure they are in the group and your group amenities are protected!

      champagne vector design

      You're On Your Way

      The payment plan for you and your guests starts with a minimal deposit. This way it makes it very easy for all your guests to confirm as early as possible.

      All of the other items are self explanatory. We will send you the Destination Wedding Timeline, the Destination Wedding Checklist and the best options for Destination Wedding Photography upon confirming that you will use our services. Whether you decide to book your reservation online or over the phone, we can help guide you. Even if you have already booked directly with the resort and are not currently working with a travel agent get in touch with us. Again, this is at no cost to you as there are no booking fees.

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